Tasmania – Day 12 to the end

For me, passing through the countryside around Queenstown was the saddest part of our trip to Tasmania.

the desolation of Queenstown made me cry

With its long history of mining, the sulphurous clouds of gas from equipment and acid rains have desolated and denuded what was once an area of wet temperature vegetation.  To see what has become of the countryside after having visited the beauty of the Gordon River made me incredibly sad.  It also prompted a long discussion and debate between Husband and I  about mining, forestry and caring for our planet…

Driving through this area touched me that deeply that when we got a little further down the road and started to be surrounded again by lush forests, Husband pulled up at the first waterfall he came across (and do you think I can remember it’s name!) and told me to get out and hug a tree.

earthing myself again

Then it was on to the Highlands – which felt like driving through the countryside around Walcha – and The Great Lake to meet up with Cher, Dave and the girls for the night before we all headed back to Launceston for New Years.

Sunset at Miena

New Years Eve turned out to one of the best days of our trip.  The girls (Maddy, Georg and Clarissa) were determined to “chuck an all-nighter” and we had the Party in the Park – down by the Tamar River – to help them along.

Food, wine and live music ensured that we all had a great night… and we all managed to get our sillies on with glow-sticks.

my best interpretation of an alien

While I was still boogying on down to the bands with my Sis, the girls were fading fast and the Little Man piked out completely, falling asleep on the concrete step about 15 minutes before the midnight fireworks.

Tired enough to sleep anywhere

New Years Day found us all tired (with  some of us a little hung-over) and heading down to Hobart for a look around the city before we flew home on the 3rd.  The yachts were in harbour after the Sydney to Hobart race and I was busting to have a look around Salamanca (one can not go to Tasmania and not have a look around Salamanca!)

Needless to say I had to hand my wallet over to Husband so that I didn’t go nuts in the shops around Salamanca.  There are some truly amazing handmade artists in Tasmania, and I could easily have purchased a number of items.  In the end I limited myself to a hand-painted silk scarf, simply because of luggage restrictions and knowing that it was something I would get use out of.

Cher, Dave and the girls drove down to spend the day with us in Hobart as well and Husband and I gave the cold seafood platter at Mures a go for lunch.  Every opportunity we had we ate Tasmanian seafood.  Wouldn’t it suck if you were allergic!!

seafood platter at Mures

By the time our flights home rolled around we were all very tired and hanging out to sleep in our own beds.  The holiday was amazing, brilliant and one to remember.  We’ve already decided to head over to Tasmania again and see the bits that we missed out on.

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