Tasmania – Day 5

Day 5 is St Helens to Launceston – the kids can’t wait any longer.

Along the way we passed fields of poppies. I’m curious about what they are used for and whether the farmers need permits to grow them…

I only wish I had of been able to climb the fence and get right up close with my macro lens.  Think that might have gotten me chased away by an irate farmer though!

Next stop was the Lavender Farm near Lilydale.  Lavender is one of our favourite essential oils and scents, and this is one of the largest lavender farms in the Southern Hemisphere.

It’s all in flower at the moment and harvesting begins in a couple of weeks, so the view was purple upon purple.  Just had to watch Murdoc with the bees though… didn’t want him getting stung and having a bad reaction (don’t need anything like that while on holidays!)

Then on the Cher and Dave’s.  Don’t know that there’ll be any photos here as everyone will be too excited at seeing one another again after two years.

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