The Entwined Collection

My muse has made a return and to celebrate the release of the newly created Entwined Collection, I’ve marked these bangles at

20% off their regular price

until midnight Sunday 14th October.

Entwined Single Bangle in Copper

Entwined – Single Bangle in Copper is available for immediate purchase (pictured above).

I will also be creating the single bangle as a custom order – available in a size to suit you (small, medium or large).  Just let me know your size and I’ll make you your very own bangle – guaranteed to be a little different each time one is made.

Entwined – Double Bangle in Sterling Silver

The Entwined Bangle will also be available as a custom order in sterling silver.  Each bangle will be made from 50 centimetres of 2 millimetre sterling silver round wire which I anneal, hammer and form to get the swirls and angles unique to these bangles.

Entwined – Double Bangle in Copper

And finally, my personal favourite… Entwined – Double Bangle in Copper.

The bangle pictured is currently available (a size small), but I will be able to make you your very own bangle in your size.  These bangles are made from 1/2 a metre of salvaged copper wire – and I love creating these!  Hammering copper is just so much fun!!

So if you’re keen to add an Entwined bangle to your wrist, drop by the shop this week to take advantage of the opening special.  It’s only good until midnight October 14th, 2012, after which the prices will go back to regular.

And if you know of a friend who you think might like the Entwined Collection – please share!

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