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{Image: The Handwritten Letter Project book cover from handwrittenletterproject.com}

Everyone always proclaims how wonderful it is to get a letter or parcel in the mail.  It seems to be something of a dying art, what with status updates, tweets and emails being the preferred mode of communication nowadays.

Enter Craig Oldham.

It was a letter received with a ‘mess of bills and junk mail and other garbage that arrives on a daily basis’ that sparked The Handwritten Letter Project.  Goldham wrote letters to a bunch of internationally renowned designers, sent them off and then promptly forgot about it.

Until he started getting replies.

He now receives 3-4 unsolicited letters a day and has taken The Handwritten Letter Project on the road in an exhibition (fingers crossed it will make it to Australia!).

If you would like to contribute your handwritten letter to his project, send it to:

Craig Oldham

22 Kings Road, Old Trafford

Manchester M167SD

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