The Only Reason You Need an Editorial Calendar {plus a free download}

To be organised, of course!

So many times while I was reading as much bloggy-related material as I could get my hands on earlier this year, I kept coming across the same piece of information:

If you are going to be serious about blogging you need to have a blogging, or editorial, calendar.

Previously I’d pooh-poohed this idea, preferring to haphazardly scribble ideas down as they popped in to my head.  I didn’t have a firm plan for the blog yet, so many of these ideas never saw the light of day and my posts and blog were all over the place.

But as I started to get serious about my blog I realised a blogging calendars value.  I kept a diary after all and we have a calendar on the wall where all of our ‘life events’ are recorded for the world to see, so why not do the same with my blog?

Which led me with the delightfully gorgeous ‘Life is Messy’ planners by Mayi Carles.  And I set to using them.

Now I’m a confessed paper girl.  I’ve never quite gotten in to the concept of keeping all of my bits and pieces electronically.  Tried it a couple of times, but always reverted to the trusted paper and pencil.

Which in turn got me to thinking (which is always dangerous)…  if I’m a paper and pen gal, there are bound to be others out there who are the same.

So I set about to make up a set of planners that I’m calling the ‘I Will Be Organised’ planners (because in another lifetime I considered a career as a professional organiser – just ask my Husband who affectionately tells people that I’m anal-retentive-obsessive-compulsive and could find anything in a snow storm) and I still love to be organised.

Consequently, today for you dear reader, I present my ‘I Will Be Organised’ planners – available as a download below – to help you get your blogging heads on straight.

I’ve added a to-do today section under your post topic section because I like to see what I need to get done in a single glance.

For those of you who would prefer to see a month at a glance I’ve made up a calendar template.

In addition you’ve got a section to jot down any brilliant blog topic ideas that come to you (more next week on how to go about finding them) and a section to jot down the names of blogs you would like to approach about guest blogging.

And finally a page to write all of your creative and life goals – because we all know that if we shout them out to the universe, the universe listens!

So get bloggy organised by clicking to download your free organisers here.

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