The Perpetual To-Do List

I first saw this melted crayon canvas on Pinterest and immediately put it on my Perpetual To-Do List.  I’ve been a fan of crayons for forever – love to colour-in with them (yes, I still colour in – it’s a great stress reliever) and love their smell…

Supplies you’ll need:

canvas (about $6 at a discount store)

pack of crayons ($2.63 at Lincraft – excellent!)

hair-dryer or heat gun (check!).

I set my crayons up in the order of the rainbow, secured them with sticky-tape and then took the canvas out on to the grass (I wasn’t too sure how melty the crayons would get and didn’t feel like scratching melted crayon off my kitchen table, plus I wanted to remove the crayons from my canvas when I was done).

I opted to use my heat gun (which very rarely sees the light of day any more).  Initially I ran the heat gun back and forth quite quickly, but wasn’t getting any melting, so I slowed it down and concentrated on an area at a time.

I’d completed one side of melting when my Little Man said to me  “Mum, you should turn it around and do it again!” – lightbulb moment.

Once I’d melted both sides I removed the crayons (you can see how melted my sticky tape was by now) and let it dry.  At this point I had a brain-wave and decided to coat my canvas with a decoupage sealer.  DON’T DO IT!!  The sealer dried in to unsightly bubble-blobs which I then had to flake off.

Final step – hang it on the wall.

Two things I would caution:

1. Watch out for scorch marks if you use a heat gun.  I’m not sure you’ll scorch with a hair dryer, although I imagine it’s possible.

2. Handle with care because the crayon drips will crack off if you are too rough.

Gloriously easy and original art – ticked off the Perpetual To-Do List!

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2 Responses to The Perpetual To-Do List

  1. ceri November 10, 2011 at 5:23 PM #

    hi tasha!

    that is absolutely wonderful!!!! i love your spin on it taking off the crayons and your little man’s idea was perfect.

    well done, what a fun project….


    • Tasha Chawner November 10, 2011 at 8:13 PM #

      Thanks Ceri 🙂

      The crayons were seriously melted – and while I can appreciate that leaving them there explains the medium, my inner perfectionist wouldn’t have it.
      And I think Little Man’s idea was brilliant as well. I was ready to put the heat gun away!

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