The Weekend Photo Project – 29 & 30 September

Where did the week go!?

We had 2 nights by the beach in Port Macquarie earlier this week and I came back so rested that I didn’t even feel guilty about not posting to the blog (shock horror!!).  Hoping to get as much of the next couple of weeks sorted and scheduled as I can over the weekend though…  then I won’t need to feel guilty about enjoying the rest of my holidays (except I wasn’t feeling guilty to start with, so win-win).

It’s the October long weekend this weekend as well.  We’re not doing much – just some domestic stuff that requires Husband-muscle before he heads back to work on Tuesday.  We’re heading out to a friends property on Monday for one of our long, lazy lunches that everyone enjoys.  And then it’ll be Nerf wars, Monopoly, baking and enjoying the kids before school heads back for Term 4.

What’s on your agenda this weekend?

PS.  If you’re keen to join The Weekend Photo Project, you’ll find details here.  Would love to have you 🙂

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