The Weekend Photo Project – In Your Fridge

Ta-da!  The contents of my fridge…

I’ll run you through it shelf by shelf.

Top shelf: Peel Valley milk (pasteurised and unhomogenised – almost as good as getting it straight from the cow); pineapple juice; organic yoghurt in plain and berry flavours; elderflower cordial and full-fat cream.

Second shelf:  where all of our cheeses live – tasty, feta, Philly, parmesan and vintage cheddar are what we have at the moment.  Also where you’ll find our full-fat Tasmanian butter and the delicious hawthorn jam from my wonderful friend Jen.

Third shelf:  the condiments shelf.  Everything from soy mayo and salsa to organic mustard and Japanese rice wine.

Fourth shelf:  eggs (free range of course!); ham for lunches and to go in our scrambled eggs in the morning; plus some more Philly that obviously didn’t want to live on the cheese shelf.

Bottom shelf:  here you’ll find the popper juices that the kids take to school; some Tasmanian salmon and some mild salami that the Husband had a craving for.  The bottom shelf is generally where most of our left-overs live as well.

In the door:  the door shelves are home to our organic sauces – barbeque, tomato and sweet chilli are the staples;  some flaxseed oil and bottles of pop can also be found here.  You’ll see the top of a Coca-Cola bottle in the bottom left corner.  That’s used in the marinade for Husband’s homemade beef jerky (definitely not for drinking… poison).

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