The Weekend Photo Project: ‘new’

The Weekend Photo Project: 'new'

Welcome to The Weekend Photo Project for 2014!

So what is The Weekend Photo Project?
It’s a no-pressure weekend photography project, where each Friday I’ll provide you with a prompt for a photo to take that weekend.

Why did you develop The Weekend Photo Project?
I’m a working Mum with a love of photography, and even though I would love to pick up my camera every day, it doesn’t always happen.  Making photos is possible on weekends though, so The Weekend Photo Project was born.

How can you join in?
There’s lots of ways to join in the weekend photo fun.  I’ve put together a list of suggestions here.

We’re only still a small group, and would love for you to join us.  If you do, please introduce yourself and let us know where you’ll be sharing your photos!

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