The Weekend Photo Project – Out & About (plus a recipe)

We’re off to a friends property for dinner this evening and the Little Man decided that our contribution to dessert would be homemade berry ice-cream.

It’s a super easy Jamie Oliver recipe that we’ve modified a little to suit our own tastes (you can find the actual recipe on his website here).


500 mL of natural yoghurt (I use the one from our local health food store)
400 gram packet of frozen mixed berries
150 grams frozen raspberries
3-4 tablespoons of honey
1-2 drops spearmint essential oil


Pop your yoghurt, honey and spearmint oil in to your food processor bowl (try warming your honey beforehand so that it is really runny, otherwise it tends to stick to the side of the bowl) and whiz.

Add your berries and whiz again until combined.  (we like to leave little chunks of berry in ours).

Pop in the freezer until firm, then serve with your favourite cheesecake (yum!) or eat as an afternoon treat on its own.

Super easy and delicious!!

Note: If you are wondering whether spearmint oil is safe to ingest, it is.  However, I strongly recommend that you do some research of your own and make up your own mind before you use it.

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2 Responses to The Weekend Photo Project – Out & About (plus a recipe)

  1. Jane July 4, 2012 at 7:23 AM #

    Hi Tasha, hope you got my twitter message saying that I will be away for the month of July visiting my Mum in the UK, so that is why I have been sadly missing from the weekend photo project. Love the look of this one of yours. My internet connection here via a dongle is extremely slow and laborious and uploading photos takes about an hour each, so I will catch up again later! Bye for now and all the best. Jane

    • Tasha Chawner July 7, 2012 at 4:26 PM #

      I did get your message Jane, and I do apologise for not responding.
      I hope you are enjoying your time in the UK and your time with your mum. Look forward to seeing your photos when you are back online in Oz.

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