The Weekend Photo Project – Time

12 May 2012 – Time

It was 6:01 PM before I even managed to turn my computer ON today… talk about a busy one!

Up, breakfast.  Out to watch Little Man’s soccer team play (they won, but the Little Man didn’t play.  He come a gutser at school on Wednesday and busted up his shin.  Bruised shin, shin pads and soccer balls are not a good combination in my opinion!)  Home.  Groceries.  Home again.  Lunch.  Domestic duties.  Baking.  Emergency, panicked phone call from friend.  Massage (aaaahhhhh).  Around to before-mentioned friends house to help out with computer issues.  Home again and turn on computer while Husband and Beautiful Girl start dinner.

Needless to say, the computer’s going off again as soon as I get this post live.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend 🙂

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