walcha family portrait session – the beaumont family

Lou wanted Tim’s 70th birthday was going to be remembered in a special way…

It was the Thursday evening before, when the phone rang. Lou, full of apologies for leaving the booking so late, explained that Keel was home for the weekend to surprise Tim for his birthday.

would I be able to take photos for them?


Tim was keen to have his photo taken with his dogs – Penny and Mutley. Dogs can be a bit difficult sometimes, but these two pooches were a dream to work with! Of course, the doggy treats Lou was holding up behind me worked a treat too!!

Lou’s request was for photos at the old Anglican Church, as they were the last couple be married there.

And then it was off to the park, where Lou used to swing Keel when he was a little tacker.

I can honestly say I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.  It was so much fun photographing this couple who are still so much in love.

Tim has a wicked sense of humour. Lou is always smiling.  And Keel has such a generous and kind spirit.

Thanks for the awesome morning.  Looking forward to doing this again!

Photography by Tasha Chawner - Tim B and his best friends

The Walcha branch of the Beaumont family - Photography by Tasha Chawner

Tim and Lou were the last couple to be married at the old Anglican Church in Walcha - Photography by Tasha Chawner

Such a happy couple - Tim and Lou - Photography by Tasha Chawner

The love just shines from this gorgeous couple - Photography by Tasha Chawner

Keel, Lou and Tim - Photography by Tasha Chawner

Moments to remember on Tim's 70th - Photography by Tasha Chawner

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