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It’s Spring, it’s Spring, it’s Spring!

According to the calendar at least.  I was reading this week that Spring doesn’t really start until the Spring Equinox (September 23rd here in Australia this year) – where day and night are temporarily equal.  And that in many cultures the Spring Equinox represents the New Year.

All I know is that the days and nights are finally getting warmer – and I like that!

Bliss = 40 Little Things That Make a Big Difference in Your Day

Play = yet another wonderful time waster (with a decidedly Australian name!)Koalas to the Max dot Com

Save = the save to spend budget – sounds like a bit of a misnomer, but it really does make sense

Blog = 5 tips for laying out blog posts from the gals at A Beautiful Mess – worth a look if you are a blogger.

How-to = colour block your bookshelves – for the book-and-organisation-loving-types.

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