Weekend Link Love – Ed.2

My first Scribbler

Been a busy week at our house.

Term 3 is back in full swing and I’ve picked up a bunch up extra kids to work with in my job as a Support Learning Officer at our local high school – which has meant not much time spent online this week.

Consequently this weekends link love is a little light on…

light on but fun and inspirational none-the-less.

Draw = Scribbler Too – where anyone can be a modern artist.

Characters = One in 8 Million – ordinary people telling extraordinary stories.

Creative = 33 Ways to Stay Creative – loving nos. 25 & 29…

Parenting = A Parents Promise – so totally me…

And finally…

Inspirational = I cried as I listened to Caroline Casey’s TED talk – Looking past limits.  In it she encourages us to challenge perceptions and asks us all to move beyond the limits we may think we have…  watch with a tissue at hand.

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