The Weekend Photo Project: ‘board games’

The Weekend Photo Project prompt - board games

Board games are an integral part of our weekends.  Not every weekend, but most.

Usually the Little Man requests (read: begs) for Monopoly.  I think I’ve mentioned something before about having internal organs removed with a blunt spoon rather than play Monopoly, but every now and again we indulge him and then I try to play myself out of the game as quickly as possible.

monopoly is not my favourite board game

In fact, I don’t have a favourite board game.  Not one that I insist on playing.

But this weekend our photo prompt is board games – so dust them off, set them up and play, play, play!

Want to know where you can share your #twpp photos each and every weekend?

Then pop on over to this page where I outline the rules of The Weekend Photo Project (there are none) and where you can share your photos (lots of places).

Look forward to seeing your ‘board games’ for this week!

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