The Weekend Photo Project: ‘composition – depth of field’

The Weekend Photo Project: depth of field

depth of field (noun)
the range of distances along the axis of an optical instrument, usually a camera lens, through which an object will produce a relatively distinctimage.
Also called depth of focus.
Origin: 1910–15

depth of field was one of the first things I got my head around in photography

You just need to remember this: the smaller the f/ number, the more blurry the background will be; the bigger the f/ number, the more things will be in focus.

I tend to leave my camera at around f/5.6 finding that this aperture gives me that blurriness of background that compliments my style of photography.  I know there’s a whole bunch of math and lens considerations that can go in to it, but honestly… that’s not my cup of tea (anything mathematic is not my cup of tea actually).

If you’re looking for some more information on depth of field, here’s some reading for you:

Want to know where you can share your ‘dof’ (that’s shorthand for depth of field!) photo?

Facebook:  Create an album (title suggestion – My Weekend Photo Project) and upload your photos (and don’t forget to add the hashtag #twpp now that FB does hashtags).  You can make your album public so that anyone can have a look at your photos or you can share your photos with me over on my biz page.

Your blog:  Upload your photos to your blog and share them with the wide world.  Leave a link here so that others can follow the snail-trail.

Flickr:  Share your photos at The Weekend Photo Project.

Pinterest:  If you’re on Pinterest create a board for your weekend photos.  Don’t forget to add the tag #twpp so that others can search for them.  I have a The Weekend Photo Project Pinterest board that I’m going to invite people to pin on.  If you’d love to be involved, follow the board and I’ll send you an invite!

Instagram: Snap a photo with you phone or i-device and upload your photo to Instagram.  You’ll find me here on Instagram.  Don’t forget to add #twpp to your caption.  Proceed to share!

Twitter: Use Instagram, link to your Pinterest board or your blog.  And remember to add #twpp as your hashtag.

Anywhere else you like: I’m sure I’ve left out others ways of sharing, so leave a comment below and let everyone know where your photos will be!

Be sure and leave a comment below to let me (and everyone else) know where you’ll be sharing your photos.  Visit other peoples photos.  Like them.  Comment.

and please, share The Weekend Photo Project
the more people we can get involved, the more fun it will be

Don’t forget that the prompts are open to interpretation – there is no right or wrong photo – just the photo you make of your world as you see it.

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