The Weekend Photo Project: ‘composition – a wide aperture’

The Weekend Photo Project prompt of aperture

call me a creature of habit, but the blurrier the background is in my photos, the happier i am

If you’re new to photography, learning about aperture is one the easier ways to get started.  Remembering that the smaller the number – f2.0 for example – means you have a larger hole in your lens, therefore letting in more light, can be a little confusing when you are starting out.  But aperture really is a fun and easy way to dip your toes into creative photography, so don’t be scared!

As per all composition prompts, I’m including some reading about aperture, and in particular a wide aperture:

  1. Understanding aperture – a beginners guide (if you’re new to photography, this will be a great article to start with)
  2. How to photograph with wide apertures
  3. The beauty of large aperture in photography
  4. The Magic of Wide Aperture: Technique, Lenses & Settings (this article has some lovely examples)
  5. 20 Tips for Shooting With a Shallow Depth of Field

If you’d love to share your ‘a wide aperture‘ photo with me and my fellow #twpp’ers, one of the best places to do it is at our Flickr group.  We’re a pretty friendly and supportive bunch, and would love for you to join in the fun.

If you’d prefer to share on other venues, here’s the list of where you can do so.

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