The Weekend Photo Project: ‘your house number’

The Weekend Photo Project: 'your house number'My little town has this weird house numbering system where you get a N,S,W or E after your house number.

We laugh and say that when they were planning our little town, the town-planner must have set  his beer down in the centre of his plans and thought “Oh, that’s a good idea.  Same street, same number, add a letter.”

We live on the W side of town.  It can be quite a pain in the arse when you’re ordering something over the phone or online.  People will double check (which is good) about the letter.  Apparently our town is the only one in Australia that has this system, so thankfully our postie is switched on!

To share your photo this weekend, you can head on over to any one of the following places:

Facebook:  Create an album (title suggestion – My Weekend Photo Project) and upload your photos (don’t forget to add the hashtag #twpp now that FB does hashtags).  If you want you can make your album public so that anyone can have a look at your photos.  You can also share your photos with me over on my biz page.

Your blog:  Upload your photos to your blog and share them with the wide world.  Leave a link here so that others can follow the snail-trail.

Flickr:  Share your photos at The Weekend Photo Project.

Pinterest:  If you’re on Pinterest create a board for your weekend photos.  Don’t forget to add the tag #twpp so that others can search for them.  I have a The Weekend Photo Project Pinterest board that I’m going to invite people to pin on.  If you’d love to be involved, follow the board and I’ll send you an invite!

Instagram: Upload your photo to Instagram and don’t forget to add #twpp to your caption.  Proceed to share!  I’m on Instagram now, so you can find me here.

Twitter: Use Instagram, link to your Pinterest board or your blog.  And remember to add #twpp as your hashtag.

Anywhere else you like: I’m sure I’ve left out others ways of sharing, so leave a comment below and let everyone know where your photos will be!

Be sure and leave a comment below to let me (and everyone else) know where you’ll be sharing your photos.  Visit other peoples photos.  Like them.  Leave a comment.  And share the Project.  The more people we can get involved, the more fun it will be.

Don’t forget that the prompts are open to interpretation.  There is no right or wrong photo.

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