The Weekend Photo Project: ‘playing a game’

The Weekend Photo Project: 'playing a game'

this year I’m bring back tech-free sundays

Tech-Free Sundays started in our house a couple of years back after I got royally pissed off at everyone for being so plugged in of a weekend (myself included, I’m no angel!).

Tech-Free Sundays went something like this:

  • breakfast + clean up
  • read a book
  • play a board game
  • lunch + clean up
  • family movie
  • afternoon walk with the dog + icecream
  • dinner
  • an hour of television
  • bed

There were no devices allowed (Husband’s work phone was all that was allowed – grudgingly)

no computers, game consoles or i-anythings

It all went belly-up at some point.

Devices have crept back in to our Sundays, but I’m determined to make 2014 the year that they’ll be out again.  Hence the inspiration behind this weekend’s prompt… playing a game (just not Monopoly, please.  I’d rather have a blunt spoon stuck up my nose…!)

If you’d like to join in The Weekend Photo Project for 2014, you’ll find all of the places you can share your photos here.

and apologies if you’re a monopoly fan
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