The Weekend Photo Project: ‘after school/work snack’


we have an after school/work routine

It goes a little something like this:

  • get gear out of the car
  • Daughter asks me what’s for dinner
  • open the front door while reminding the Daughter that we’ve only just gotten home
  • take off shoes
  • dump and empty bags of lunch boxes and drink bottles
  • find food because we’re all hungry!
  • sit, eat and chat about our day

We call it the afternoon debrief.  We all have to give the highlight of our day, and if you need to, bitch about the person that pissed you off the most.  Then it’s on to the rest of afternoon – homework, washing, dinner prep and a sit down.

The snack is generally a ‘find it yourself’ sort of affair, which can mean anything from left-overs to cheese and biscuits.  Nothing fancy – just some energy to get us through to dinner-time.

Want to share your after school/work snack with us on The Weekend Photo Project?
You’ll find more details and all the links for sharing your photo here on this page.

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