Weekly Weather Report

A new weekly series for family, friends and fans, who are scattered around the world – a peek in to the world and weather in my parts.

Sunday 13th June

The rain has stopped and this week we’ve been graced with beautiful clear blue cloudless skies.   And with those gorgeous skies have come the cold…

What do you think this photo shows?

Frozen Dew on the Car

It's cold...

The Beautiful Girl came in to me on Tuesday morning and said “Come look Mum!  The car is frozen!!”

The dew-drops had frozen solid on the car.  The temperature that morning had been about -4… bbbrrrrrrrrrr.

The frost in the mornings does look beautiful though.  Especially when the sun shines on it – it glistens and sparkles…

Morning Frost on the Plants

Delicate Ice Crystals.

Just be sure not to go outside with bare feet 🙂

T xo

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