What is your philosophy on creating?

{Image: Sculpture “Quest for Knowledge” by Marshall Fredericks; photo from the collections of the Texas/Dallas History and Archives Division, Dallas Public Library; found at nostalgicglass.org} 

Your philosophy is:

shaped by your life experiences,

the sum of your ideas,

the values by which you live your life,

what you deem to be true,

what motivates your decisions in life.

What is your philosophy on creating?

I am creating a home that is warm and welcoming.  A sanctuary where friends and family can come together to share, laugh, live and love.

I am creating beautiful jewellery.  Driven by a desire to design pieces to be loved by one person – to suit their individuality and oneness.

I am creating stunning images.  Finding the sacred in the ordinary – the ordinary moments that make up a lifetime of memories.

I am creating a life that is about cherishing what I have.  A life that recognises how good I have it.  One with peace within myself.

What do you create?

What do you value?

What are you striving to achieve?

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