{create} When Did You Fall in Love with Creating?

We all have our own creative passions…

Be it with your hands or your mind – all of us indulges a little *something* creative.

Share your story with me, with us…

I can remember writing stories in a spiral bound notebook – hidden away in my walk-in wardrobe.  For me it was an escape from reality.  One that I needed, in order to ‘survive’.

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They were glorious romances.  Being swept off my feet (because I was always the heroine in these epics, you see).

That phase passed, and I can remember my first forays into jewellery.  Braided friendship bands and beaded safety pins, given to friends and worn pinned at the bottom of my school shirt.

Photography followed.  I loved to be behind the camera – never in front!  And my specialty was those ‘sneaky’ shots – the candid ones when the ‘victim’ wasn’t looking.

A current “victim”!!

Life got in the way then – university, boyfriend (which led to husband).  Then work and children – and all things creative were put on the back-burner.

In my early 30’s, I rediscovered photography.  Took a couple of courses.  This led to scrapbooking.  I love scrapbooking, because it turns your memories into a story.  The paper and embellishments add to the memory, stirring up the ghosts and giggles.

Image from http://craftingagreenworld.com

It was insomnia that led me back to jewellery in the end.  Husband was away, and I couldn’t sleep.  We were poor, broke students – but the thought of not being able to give a little something to my sister at Christmas was not something I was going to contemplate.

A bag of beads for two dollars and I fell in love all over again.

And my Sister loved her Christmas gift 🙂

Fast forward 7 years.  I’ve progressed from the $2 bag of beads to sterling silver and playing with fire.

The family understands my need to create.  That it is something that keeps my fire going… a thing that Mother and Wife must do for herself.

I’m on a mission to perfect my craft.  The define my niche.  Stay true to myself and my creative passions…

Share your story here with me – When did YOU fall in love with creating?

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2 Responses to {create} When Did You Fall in Love with Creating?

  1. Tracy May 4, 2010 at 11:10 AM #

    I took a film photography course at 15, because I needed an Arts credit to graduate high school. 2 years later, I had a photography business. And that was it; I would capture images everywhere I go.


    • foryoudesigns May 4, 2010 at 1:00 PM #

      That’s awesome Tracy!! I can understand the ‘need’ to capture images wherever you go. I often find myself making a frame with my fingers and thinking “That would make a great shot!”.
      Enjoy your travels – stay safe and have fun.
      And thanks for sharing your story.

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