{create} When Do You Bead?

When Do You Bead?

I find that I am most creative after lunch. 

I wheel my little trolley of supplies out, pop some music on & off I bead!

I work best when the kids are NOT around.  None of the “feed me”… “he’s hitting me”… “I’m bored”… distractions. 

I let the answer machine pick up the phone. 

I’ve finished my housework during the morning, so there’s nothing to distract me there.

I’ll work in my 10 minute blocks & pack up about 15 minutes before I have to pick the kids up from school.

If I haven’t finished the design, I’ll pack it safely up in a zip-lock bag for the next opportunity I have to bead.

Which poses the question…

When Do You Bead?

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