Where Do You Bead?

Space is at a premium in our house.

My family & I live in a 100 year old cottage.  It’s been renovated many times – badly, in my opinion, as none of the original settler charm has been kept. 

But it is a warm & cosy house.  And through necessity (ie, limited space) we keep everything in its place.

So, where do I bead?

At the breakfast bar – which also serves as the dining table, homework desk & food preparation area!

Where do I keep my supplies?

On a 3 tier trolley that, when not in use, is hidden in the alcove of the un-used door.

How do I manage with such limited space?

I have to be very organised with my supplies. 

Beads are in see-through screw top containers, & tackle-style boxes.  I also keep my larger beads in a gorgeous wooden box that my husband gave me as a gift, early in my beading career.

My tools are in pencil holders, so that I can grab them quickly & easily.

My larger power tools & hammers are kept on the bottom shelf.

Where do I store my paperwork?

In the door alcove. 

We have four (yes, 4!) doors leading in to our house, so we decided to block one up with a large shelf, which is where all of my beading & scrapbooking supplies are stored.

Is it a nuisance having to unpack & pack up again every time I work?

Absolutely!  In our old house I had a dedicated table where my supplies were always out.  Messy, but out ready for when inspiration struck


Where do you bead?  Do you have a whole room?  Or just a small space like me?



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