Who else wants ‘alone time’?

Alone by Catskills Photography on Flickr

Alone by Catskills Photography on Flickr

School and work are back in to full-swing and the stress levels have been going through the roof lately.  Couple this with a head cold that I haven’t been able to shake and the end result is that…

…all I want is some alone time.

Not just a few minutes snatched in a warm bath or even a quiet coffee at the cafe by myself.

I want a whole weekend.

An overnight (or 2 nights *gasp*) trip away, where I have nothing to contend with but what book I’m going to read next and what to order from room service.

No kids, no Husband, no dog.
No tv, no internet, no phone.
No dinner, no washing, no housework.

Just me. Doing what I please, when I please.

But it always, inevitably, leads to guilt. Husband’s job is just as demanding and stressful. He works more hours for more pay, so why shouldn’t he get a weekend away?

The kids work hard at school. Assessments, assemblies, buddy reading, friend issues. Weekend away?

I often tell my family that I’m the glue that holds them all together.  Need to know where something is?  Ask Mum.  When did you have the chickenpox?  Mum knows.  What’s coming up next week?  Next month?  What’s for dinner?  When does soccer start?  Clean underwear?  Paid those bills?

I think you get my drift.

Once upon a lifetime ago, when the kids were smaller and Husband would go away working for months at a stretch, we had an agreement.  He would get back and the following weekend, I would go away for a night.  It’s been years since that agreement has been honoured.

I think I’m going to have to re-instigate it.

A weekend.  A book.  Room service.

Small price to save a mum’s sanity really.
Do you get to have time away from your family – all on your own?  How often and where do you go?  And do you feel guilty about it?
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