{in biz} Why Buy Jewellery Directly from a Designer

With everyone watching how they spend their money in the current economic climate, the trend toward handmade is strengthening.
There are plenty of reasons to buy handmade…

1.  One-of-a-kind (OOAK) Designs… something that all designers pride themselves on. 

Independant designers may produce a limited edition run of a particular design, but in reality they simply cannot afford or carry enough supplies to mass produce a design. 

2. Custom Designs… another specialty of independant jewellery designers.  You may want a design to match a particular outfit or occasion – chances are that the designer can create jewellery to your specifications.  Pretty much guarantee-ing that you are the only one who will have it!!  After all, you can’t turn up wearing an identical piece to the hostess now, can you!

3.  Customer Satisfaction… nothing brings a smile to a designers face more readily than the customer saying how much they love the piece.  It is after all part of our job description… customer satisfaction.

4.  Buying Local Hand-Made Goods… whether it is in the form of jewellery, soaps, quilts or clothing, you are supporting a small business and artisan within your local economy.

5. There is a ‘story’ behind the design… whether the inspiration was drawn from nature, something the artist read or saw, an emotion, an occasion – there will be a story to the creation of the design.

For 101 other reasons to buy handmade, go and check out this inspirational blog from PoppyTalk.

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