{Speaking My Mind} Why I Don’t Worry About My Wrinkles

the pursuit of beauty - of youth - is a distraction from what is important

“Never worry about wrinkles or getting old. At least you’ll be alive – that’s what’s important.”


You all know my views on the subject of age.

The equation (as I see it) goes something like this:

age = wrinkles

wrinkles = experience

experience = a life lived

A life lived will mean that you’ve touched other peoples lives and hearts.  It means you’ll be remembered after you’re gone.

Those who loved you won’t remember your wrinkles or your grey hair.


They’ll remember your sense of humour.   

And the way you danced madly round the kitchen with them.


They’ll remember how you saw the world a little differently.  

And that you hugged them everytime you said “See you later”.


They’ll remember your spirit.  

And the way you loved them.


Because you lived. Because that is what is important.

What do you want to be remembered for?

{Image: bw wrinkled by aQuadrat Photography on Flickr} 

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