{family} Winter Holidays = Cold = Boredom

 Winter in Walcha_05

Winter school holidays in our part of the world.

Personally I’m looking forward to two weeks of no lunch-boxes or uniforms!!

But winter holidays here always leads to a little bit of boredom with the kids.  It’s too cold really to go out and play, and I’m an evil-mother who limits their time on the computer and Wii.

So how will we get around the boredom?

Create stuff with the kids.  Winter is the perfect time to get creative around the kitchen table – the hub of our house.  We can catch up on our school scrapbooks, make some birthday cards for cousins birthdays that are coming up.  We’re going to try our hand at hand-stitched felt brooches.  And the new winter scarves are already under-way on the giant knitting dollies.

Make soup and cooking.  Not having to race out the door each morning, and my lovely new Slow Cooker means our kitchen is going to smell like heaven most days.  Soup is definitely on the cards.  And we’ll get kicking with some muffin and cake recipes – all ones that can be frozen for the start of the new term.

Board games. They are always a winner.  We all have our favourites – the ones we excel at and kick-butt in.  Nothing like a little healthy rivalry!

And on a purely self-indulgent note.

I aim to stay in my pyjamas until 10 a.m.  Completely do-able.  It’s winter and freezing, and I have no reason to need to change.

How do you deal with bored kids through the holidays?  Do you have an activity that is sure to please each and every time?


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