{Your Favourite Things} Great blog post you’ve read recently.

{Image: ebook and reading glasses by McEntegart Library on Flickr}

Did you know that there are over 156 million public blogs?
(Statistics from Wikipedia: current as at 16 February 2011)

I love to spend 10 minutes (most) morning reading and commenting on my favourite blogs.  There’s always something interesting to read – something that makes me stop and think; gives me a giggle or provokes a responses.  Actually there’s usually lots of posts like that.

Four of my favourite reads are Epheriell Designs (for the handmade goodness), Miscellaneous Mum (for a slice of everyday life), Shutter Sisters (for the inspirational photography and introspective topics) and Zen Habits (for the thought-provoking calm).

So what’s a great post you’ve read lately?

Leave a link to it in the comments below and share a great blog post or simply a great blog with us.

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