Taking Stock #002


smells good enough to eat

Only 3 months has passed since I posted my first ‘Taking Stock’ post.

some things have changed, but some things remain the same

Regardless, it’s good to take stock. To put the world as I see it into perspective.

Here is where life stands at the moment:

Making: coffee coconut body scrub for the Daughter – smells good enough to eat, though I think we’ll need to tweak the quantities
Cooking: recipes from The Whole Pantry and Epicurious
Drinking: more water
Reading: Written in my own Heart’s Blood by Diana Gabaldon
Wanting: a sunshine
Looking: at mirrorless cameras (still)
Playing: with my new iPad mini
Deciding: on nothing significant at the moment
Wishing: for the end of term (again!)
Enjoying: the sunshine
Waiting: for holidays and sleep ins
Liking: having no plans for the upcoming holidays
Wondering: if Husband will make Daughter drive on the freeway when they go to Sydney next week
Loving: playing with textured layers in my photography
Pondering: the direction my jewellery business should take (still…)
Considering: whether to have a glass of wine tonight
Watching: La Horde – and indulging my love of the zombie genre
Hoping: that Year 12 will be a little less stressful than Year 11 was for Daughter
Marvelling: at how some parents simply don’t seem to care about their children’s education
Needing: space
Smelling: the calming scents currently in the oil burner
Wearing: my favourite Threadless t-shirt and slippers
Following: world events and wondering what is happening to humanity
Noticing: how much my Little Man is growing
Knowing: that I can make a difference
Thinking: about what things I want to put in the new Walcha Handmade shop
Feeling: old – a least that is what the body aches and pains are telling me
Admiring: innocence
Sorting: paperwork – there’s always paperwork
Buying: new towels soon
Getting: excited about the new Walcha Handmade shop opening at the end of the month
Bookmarking: ways to display jewellery in a b&m shop
Disliking: people’s fascination with celebrity
Opening: interesting emails of late
Giggling: at the things little kids say
Snacking: on carrots
Coveting: a new camera (same as last time I know… and I still don’t want to spent the money!)
Wishing: the holidays would hurry up
Helping: kids to learn life-skills and loving that I’m able to be a part of this in their lives
Hearing: the sound of birds whistling outside the window

what’s been happening in your world?

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