The Weekend Photo Project – Washing

I’ve recently started a secret love affair…

With my washing machine.

We bit the bullet and bought a new washing machine earlier this month.
The old one had been playing up big time.  We’d had it looked at a few times by our local electrician, but living on top of a mountain in rural Australia makes it tough to be able to get a proper washing machine repair guy to visit without it costing the price of a new machine.
Hence the new machine.

I’ve confessed to a few people now that I’ve fallen in love with my new washing machine.  Every single one of them has called me varying degrees of crazy.  But the new machine is making washing so easy.
Clothes in, select a setting and walk away.

Now all I need is a machine that hangs the washing for me as well…!!

[manual mode; auto white balance; 400 ISO; f/5; shutter 1/13]

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2 Responses to The Weekend Photo Project – Washing

  1. Jane May 26, 2012 at 8:46 PM #

    Oh Tasha that is just so true!! My washing machine is sitting on the verandah as hubby ( Mr Fixit ) is going to fix it. In meantime we are borrowing our son’s front loader, which we are “storing” for him……you get the picture!
    I am about to post my washing photo to flickr. Hope you like it!
    Bye for now, Jane

    • Tasha Chawner May 27, 2012 at 9:12 AM #

      You’re lucky you have your sons front loader to “borrow”, Jane. I had to take all of our laundry to the new coin-op laundry mat in town – 2 loads & $10 later… Off to check out your washing photo now.

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